Sup peasants?

A welcome to my new blog


The Year of Blackbeard

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl back from vacation! Yes, right now I'm doing the one thing I told myself I would never be: a stereotypical travel blogger. Hear me out, though, some fun stuff happened and ur gurl got into shenanigans. There's history, too, I promise!! I wasn't even considering making a blog [...]

Ask a Harlot

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl getting herself into some more scandal... Y'know, business as usual... Okay, sooooo I'm a huge fan of the Hulu show Harlots. The story, the writing, the feminist aspect, the clothing, and the humor have completely won me over and I'm pretty much addicted to this show. As a [...]

Robe a la Francaise: The Ultimate Party Dress

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl dropping some knowledge and telling it like it is. Okay, so-- like-- you all know about my infamous Leviathan Francaise-- as seen on TV now-- right? Well, I've been getting a lot of use out of it! It's been to the American Duchess lecture, it's had me kicked [...]

Hamilton’s Memorial and Stony Point

Yo waddup. my peasants? It's ur gurl finally hurdling the writer's block with a new post! It's not like I didn't have posts lined up to finish or anything, I just wasn't feeling it. There's a post I wanted to finish by July 4th for the Ladies of Trenton, there's a post about a gown [...]

Theda Vamps Through Westbury Gardens

Yo, waddup, my peasants? I'm back! In my  absence, I had the opportunity to say goodbye to my Grammy; she lived 91 years of sewing, gardening, and parties. After the funeral, I learned that I come from a long line of seamstresses with my great grandma designing dresses for Lord and Taylor during the fifties, [...]

Market Days and Market Bonnets

Yo, waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl with a bonnet so big it has its own area code. So over the weekend, I went to a shindig at Locust Lawn. It was one of the few and far between BAR events I attend, but it was at Locust Lawn and my BFFS Dawn and Sarah [...]

The Start of Summer

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl feeling some major summer vibes... And you know  what that means? That's right! Break out the rum ham, don't drink the sunscreen, and--whatever you do--don't go under the boardwalk because summer is here, baby! Ahhhhhhhh, no longer will I be plagued by the icy clutches of winter, no [...]