Sup peasants?

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Market Days and Market Bonnets

Yo, waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl with a bonnet so big it has its own area code. So over the weekend, I went to a shindig at Locust Lawn. It was one of the few and far between BAR events I attend, but it was at Locust Lawn and my BFFS Dawn and Sarah [...]

The Start of Summer

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl feeling some major summer vibes... And you know  what that means? That's right! Break out the rum ham, don't drink the sunscreen, and--whatever you do--don't go under the boardwalk because summer is here, baby! Ahhhhhhhh, no longer will I be plagued by the icy clutches of winter, no [...]

Museum Monday: Rombout Rural Cemetery

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl with another Museum Monday!!! So, in my strange, fun little life thus far, I've been to some pretty neat places; I've performed for sites that take my breath away before I even step into the door, museums staffed by some of the kindest people I've ever met, and [...]

Why do I do this to myself?

Yo, waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl living that time traveling rockstar life It's not easy being a time traveling rockstar, guys; I travel everywhere in ridiculous costumes (I know I just triggered a reenactor reading this), I put lard and cuttlefish bone in my hair, I squeeze my fat little self into stays, I [...]

So You’re Going to a Reenactment

Yo, waddup, my peasants? Or, should I say, hello spectators!! This post is dedicated to you, specator! You're welcome! I know a lot of living history blogs are dedicated to fellow interpreters, but this one is just for you! You should feel special, because you are! Your love for history and your curiosity for how [...]

The George Washington Inaugural Ball

Yo, waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl successfully recovered after a massive party! As we all-- hopefully-- know, I'm a massive party animal so naturally, when my friend Lindsey from Lindsey Loves History was hosting a commemoration of George Washington's Inaugural Ball at Federal Hall, you know I was heckin hyped. This event peaked my [...]

A RidONDERDONKulous Weekend

Yo waddup, my peasants? It's ur gurl with some important news Okay, well, it has been May for a week or so now but I like the meme. Fight me. It also ties in with the show I was just in over the weekend. Erik and I performed for the Vander Ende Onderdonk House's New [...]