Sup peasants?

Ladies, are you tired of being a peasant? Trudging around in mud and washing other people’s socks just not doing it for you? Are you fed up with being told your cotton print gown is just too fancy for camp? Booboo, I got you…

Hi, I’m an shameless primadonna and I’m here to bring you yet another historical costumer blog! My name is Eliza and I am a historical seamstress, singer, artist, and internet troll determined to inspire and entertain (or at least make your eyes roll) anyone morbidly curious enough to jump down the rabbit hole of living history. The plan is to show you all my dresses and where I wear them to along with the research I put into it because we both know you’re curious. I’ll also spill some of the hottest tea through history just for you! I know, you’re welcome.

In addition to showing you all the hot mess that is my creative process, I’ll also share some sewing and historical tutorials that you might find useful along with some simple recipes for cosmetics and whatnot. The goal is to help you out so we can eventually take over the living history community and completely de-peasant it and instead fill it with art, beauty, wit, and fun. Let’s eat some cake

Also guys, you might think I’m conceited and seemingly rude to those who actually do the follower and laundresses impression. Let me take the time to say I really am not against it at all and I do have respect for people who choose that shtick. I just don’t want it to be the only option women in living history are allowed to do, ya know? Yeah, I have something of a salty, Regina George esque type narrative that might offend some but I just want to say it’s all in good fun, I don’t actually mean a lot of what I say if it sounds rude. I love you guys!!!!!



  1. you are so amazing!!! i saw your MET debaucle. mon dieu!!!!! quel dommage! i would love to hire you to make me a costume for fetes gallantes this year in versailles. my husband and i are going. i do not know how to contact you except through this. my email is attached in the comments. would love to hear from you and arrange something. and good times, i am part of a fun dress up camp that you would fit in perfectly with! i hope to hear back from you!!!!

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